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歌挺好听的~歌词如下 【shane harper--- jump】 Oh whoa Oh whoa oh oh Verse 1: Your voice makes my heart melt like Your smile lights up the room And I can’t help myself try and keep myself from falling Verse 2: I don’t know if thi...

When I look into your eyes I know you tell me lies It's never gonna be the same again You will always make me cry Yous tarted to pass me by It's never gonna be the same again Wo-o-woh wo-o-woh yeah... Hey you give me one more t...

Shane Harper All 4 one


是一名美国原创音乐人,兼任着演员与专业舞蹈演员 (参与过High School Musical2的舞蹈编排)

shane harper 中文名 : 肖恩·哈柏 英文名: Shane Steven Harper 出生地:La Jolla, California,...


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