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LSTM(Long-Short Term Memory,LSTM)是一种时间递归神经网络,论文首次发表于1997年。由于独特的设计结构,LSTM适合于处理和预测时间序列中间隔和延迟非常长的重要事件。

people who have long-term memory can remember things for a long time. For example, a short term memory person is a person that can't remember things that just passed about 20-30 seconds ago. In the world, most people have norma...

when needed 属于省略句,相当于when it is needed .

1 Move information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. 将短期记忆里的信息变为长期记忆。 2 You find a telephone number in ...

谁帮我解释下这个概念啊?谢谢 谁帮我解释下这个概念啊?谢谢

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long memory .长久不忘的好记性 长记忆;长期记忆;长期记忆性 例句筛选 1. Finally, we give Bayesian analysis of the long memory time series ARFIMAmodel. 最后,对长记忆时间序列ARFIMA模型进行了贝叶斯分析。 2. Previous studies indica...




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