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20070403 @ HK Science Museum : 這天下午我一個人思考甚麼是愛情, "Did you know that love is just a substance released in the brain?"

翻译无力 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- dropkick murphys - god willing Ricky and Gar Well, they took it too far They didn't make it They didn't make it Chrissy and Stage Though they...

应该是 - We can't go against god's will, can we? 我们不能违背神的旨意,我们可以吗?

布莱克 你和他真是 天生的一对 哈哈 愿有情人终成眷属 在天愿做比翼鸟 在地可做连理枝 供参考

下面提供两句英语母语者会说的意思相近的句子: Our paths shall cross - God willing. If we're meant to meet again, our paths will cross. 希望...


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