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Chip in

三种说法有三种稍微不同的意思。 ① Chip in——表示你和别人一起凑钱,一起捐钱。 ∵ Let's chip in to help Mary pay for her hospital costs. ∴ 我们都自个儿出点钱凑起来帮 Mary 付她的医疗费。 ∵ I want to chip in to help you guys. ∴ 我想捐...

您说的的是Chipping吧?这个词最准确的翻译是“切杆”,是名词,如果做为动词的话英语叫做“Chip”。 如果说“chip in”则是指直接将球切进球洞。 切杆是果岭附近的一种短打技术,有切滚球、切高吊球等细分打法,一般使用角度很大的球杆如A杆、S杆或一...

a chip in broth 肉汤芯片 拼音 双语对照 已复制双语结果 a chip in broth 英 [ə tʃip in brɔ:θ] 美 [e tʃɪp ɪn brɔθ] 词典 可有可无的东西,无关紧要的东西

Everybody,put your chips in, and I'll deal每个人,把你的筹码,我会处理的 play Chicago.芝加哥。

小题1:potato chips小题1:Mr Crum(Crum)小题1:sent back小题1:he opened his own restaurant to sell chips小题1: in stores 略


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the history of potato chips On August 24, 1853 George Crum stumbled upon the invention of the potato chip. One of his customers kept sending the fried potatoes baack with the complaint they were too thick. George fixed that and...

people invented potato chips by mistake


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