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Chip in

三种说法有三种稍微不同的意思。 ① Chip in——表示你和别人一起凑钱,一起捐钱。 ∵ Let's chip in to help Mary pay for her hospital costs. ∴ 我们都自个儿出点钱凑起来帮 Mary 付她的医疗费。 ∵ I want to chip in to help you guys. ∴ 我想捐...

1.To contribute money or labor: 捐钱或出力: 例句:We all chipped in for champagne.我们一齐凑钱买了香槟 2.To interrupt with comments; interject. 插话;插入 3.Games To put up chips or money as one's bet in poker and other games....


小题1:potato chips小题1:Mr Crum(Crum)小题1:sent back小题1:he opened his own restaurant to sell chips小题1: in stores 略

take= have 吃 在英国,人们在哪里吃鱼和薯条?

chip: [ tʃip ] n. 薄片,芯片 v. 削,切,削成碎片 词形变化: 动词过去式:chipped 过去分词:chipped 现在分词:chipping 第三人称单数:chips 例句与用法: 1. The entire content of a book will be located on a single silicon chip. 整本书...

在集会方式下 “高值筹码”


主板上cd in是插从光驱接过来的音频信号,没多大用处。

用is , there be 句型的be动词的形式是就近原则。


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