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失物招领处 英语

Lost and Found Office; Lost Property Offi

短语失物招领处 The phrase lost and found 短语失物招领处 The phrase lost and found

失物招领处(用作招牌,一般不用the) the Lost and Found 失物招领处(用作招牌,一般不用the) the L - and Found 你也许可以在失物招领处找到你的手袋。 You may finds your handbag at the Lost and Found. 他们决定把它送到本城的失物招领处去。 ...

Lost and Found 或者 Lost Property

用at at the Lost and Found ---教科书上的。

LOST Dec24,2008 I was careless and l lost a bag in the canteen on the afternoon of 22nd this month. There were two text-books, a dictionary and something else inside. Will the finder please send it to the monitor of Class1, Jun...

in the lost and found case

A:Good morning, how can I help you? B:Oh, I lost my handbag yesterday and I was wondering if anyone pick it up and send it here. A:I see, can you describe your handbag? For example, how big and what color is it?B:Well, my h...

lost and found lost and found,音标为【lɒst ənd faʊnd】,按音标读。 短语: 在失物招领处 at the lost and found ; at the lost property office 以及失物招领处 Found and Lost 去失物招领处 Go find your spirit 双语例句...


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